Cleaning Makeup Sponges

Who doesn’t know how annoying it is to wash your makeup sponges over and over again to remove all traces of foundation from them? I sure do. Before discovering this simple hack, I threw my makeup sponges away after three weeks of using. Now, I can use them for longer a period of time. It is more wallet friendly, and I have more money to spend on other makeup products. A perfect deal, right?

To clean your makeup sponges, you need:
Cooking oil. It doesn’t matter whether it is olive or sunflower oil, virgin or not.
Liquid hand soap
Dirty makeup sponges


First step:
Make sponge wet under running water. Squeeze excess water out and pour oil all over the sponge. Rub the oil into the sponge. Keep in mind not to add too much pressure on the sponge.  Depending on the shape it can break easily.

Second step:
Rinse the oil out under running water and add soap. Lather and squeeze the sponge to get all oil out. After a few minutes, rinse the sponge until you see no foam on the surface.


Third step:
If needed repeat cleansing process.


I hope this was interesting, and if you have any comments and/or questions, don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,

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