My Top 5 Products from Past Months

This time I am not going to do November favourites. All the products I would mention in my November favourite post are those I have already covered in my September and October favourites on my personal IG. So instead, I have decided to share with you the top five products I have used the most in the past month.

From left to right: The Balm Fratboy blush, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Rimmel Wonderlash mascara, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette

I will introduce the products in the order in which I use them, however, my particular makeup routine contains a few more items. I will only be going over my top five.

Now getting to my favourite products.

Usually, the first type of product I reach for is my eyeshadow. Lately, I have used a lot of my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette. I hopped on that train a bit late since it has been out since spring or summer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my hands on it before this year’s October but, oh my god, it was worth waiting for. As you can see on the picture, it has all the colours to do a smoky day makeup. Very professional, classy, and then it has darker colours to do vamp domina make up for nights. All colours are easy to blend, have an all day lasting power, and are just so gorgeous on the eyes. It is a really stunning palette.

To do my make up base, I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation for combination/oily skin in the tone 200 Nude. It has medium coverage and is lightweight on the skin. Not once has the foundation  left my skin feeling heavy or suffocated. What I love about this product the most it that it is a perfect match for my skin tone!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, Revlon Colorstay Foundation

My next step is applying blush to my cheeks. For that I use The Balm Fratboy blush. Pink coral tone is a perfect addition to create a healthy rose flush on my cheeks. The blush is well pigmented and I need to use very little to get the result I want.

After I have set my blush, it is time to add some glow. For that I use The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. Like the blush, it is well pigmented, and with a small amount on your brush you go a long way. Plus, the highlighter and the blush stay on all day, so it’s twelve hours, (at least), worry free healthy glow.

The Balm Fratboy blush, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter

The last product in my top five is mascara. My recent discovery is Rimmel London’s WonderLash in a tone 003 Extreme Black. This particular mascara contains Argan oil to make it more beneficial to lashes and make applying easier. I have heard multiple disagreeing opinions about the brush size. Some say it is okay and some that is bit big. I am with the first crowd. Although I don’t consider myself to have big eyes, the mascara handler sits comfortably in my hand and I can cover all my lashes without problems or smudging it on skin around my eyes. I think it is more a matter of practice.

Rimmel London Wonderlash mascara

I hope this was interesting, and if you have any comments and/or questions, don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading,


14 thoughts on “My Top 5 Products from Past Months

  1. The Fratboy blush looks so pretty! I’ve tried that mascara too, and for me it was not the size of the brush I had issues with. It just didn’t give my lashes any volume at all, but I liked it for a very natural look. Great post!


  2. […] Next, I apply The Balm Fratboy blush, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and Rimmel Natural Bronzer, to give a bit of contour to my face. By the way, I am still testing the bronzer out so I don’t know yet whether I like it or not. Then, I leave all that to set while I do my eyebrows. I briefly talked about The Balm blush and highlighter in one of my older posts. […]


  3. […] Next step after powder is applying blush to my cheeks. For that I use The Balm Fratboy blush. It has peachy tone which looks more natural with my skintone. On days when I am wearing full makeup, I usually use Revlon Mauvelous but on easygoing days, this is my pick. I talked about it in my post entitled “Top 5 Products ” […]


  4. […] Revlon Colorstay Concealer in the tone 02 Light Pale – I loved these concealers. They were smooth, applied nicely and stayed put all day. The tone was a perfect match for my skin in the sense that it lightened my under eye area. I could also cover all my blemishes and zits with them. They were also ones of my Top 5 Products. […]


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