The Body Shop haul, november 2015

On the second and third weekend of November, The Body Shop Estonia had two big events for their clients which I just couldn´t pass up.

On the second weekend The Body Shop Estonia launched their Christmas collection 2015. For a limited time you could get skin care products that ranged from Frosted Plum, to Frosted Cranberry to Glazed Apple.

On the third weekend, or to be more specific- on Friday and Saturday, The Body Shop Estonia had client days with all products discounted -20%, and some even -40%.

Typical for me, I simply had to take a look and leave the shop with new goodies for myself because sometimes you need to papmer yourself with deliciously smelling lotions-gels. And I should mention, I don´t regret any purchase because I am fairly certain, they will be perfect for me. Or if they aren´t I will let you know.

All purchased products


Now getting to the actual products I bought:

Frosted Plum Treat Box- It was a candy striped box with mini products inside such as body butter, shower gel and a bath lily. All products were in colour coodrinated dark purple with a sparkly motive for accent.

Froster Cranberry Body Butter- A body butter form one of the Christmas Collection 2015. A freshing scent from cranberries, pomengrate and red berries. Like all other body butters, it is a perfect moisturiser for this time of the year.

Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil form series of Spa Of The World- I have always liked massage oils. They are perfect for doing a little papmering session after a long day.

Frosted Plum Treat Box, Frosted Cranberry Body Butter, Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil


Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover- I am always on the search for new nail products that work well. I haven´t used this before but I have my hopes up.

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser- This is the first product I have purchased  from tea tree series. I am planning to use it as a primer under foundation. Swatching on hand, I saw great potential; since it has antibacterial effect, my few zits and pores will be treated also.

Vitamin E Face Mist- Since I like how Vitamin E range smells, I got it as a make up setting spray. I still need to test it out.

Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator for combination/oily skin. This is a second time repurchase. The scent is fresh and has a musky undertone. Cleanses skin gently and leaves it fresh and soft. I tend to use it around 3 times a week, which may be one time too much but I haven´t noticed any downside. If you have more sensitive skin, one or two times in a week is enough.

Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes- This is also a second time repurchase. These wipes cleanse, tone and remove make-up all in one step. I have also used them on hot summer days to just refresh my face and arms when I couldn´t take a fifth shower of a day. On skin they feel soft, refreshing and cool. They stay moist in a package easyly for four months. I believe that´s how long cleansing wipes lasted me previous time.

Sweet Almond Oil Nail Varnish Remover, Tea Tree Pore Minimiser, Vitamin E Face Mist, Seaweed Pore Cleansing Facial Exfoliator, Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Strawberry Showe Gel- I usually avoid sweet scents but The Body Shop´s strawberry range has fresh undertone. Although, if you like more crispier smells, it probably isn´t for you.

Drops Of Youth Concentrate- I have used these drops before. I am not too impressed but I think it would be fair to say they do their job. It made me feel like I was wearing my face skin one size too small. I may have had not the best night cream at the time to apply after the drops. But now, who knows?

All-In-One Instablur Eye- Tinted concealer + primer colour intensifier. I haven´t tried it yet but I am ready to be positively surprised.

White Musk + Red Musk + Black Musk samplers- something different from my usual choice of eau de toilette scents. These are more deeper and not so fresh with what I am used to. I will use these but I doubt whether I am going to buy full size product.

Strawberry Shower Gel, Drops Of Youth Concentrate, All-In-One Instablur Eye, White Musk + Red Musk + Black Musk Eau De Toilette samplers


So this was my The Body Shop November 2015 haul. I hope you liked the reading and if you have any comments and/or questions, don´t hesitate to let me know your thoughts.


Thank you for reading,


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